Computational Intelligence

Innovative and Thoughtful

At ByteCI, we design, deliver and manage innovative data & analytics, digital transformation, customer engagement and cloud solutions that help you sustain competitive advantage. Our expertise in data and analytics strengthens our ability to provide data-driven solutions for our Digital and Customer Engagement services, aided by our expertise in Cloud & Technology.


To bring better insights for data driven decisions and ideas. Passionate for simplicity and effectiveness


Simplicity is not that simple; we believe in simplified solutions to enhance the experience, not simpler

Data Analytics

Develop enterprise data management strategies, governance, security, accuracy and reliability of data in warehousing, analytics and business intelligence

AI for business

Data, advanced analytics and cognitive services to experiment and discover value

Not just simplifying UBPR analysis, enhancing it.


Analyze. Compare. Evaluate.

Reports give you information. Analytics give you insights.

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